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6+ years helping motivated professionals cut through the chaos and define their direction; 🚀approaching career transitions with intention to build work-life alignment that still pays the bills.

Reach out to learn more about coaching and how it can change your life.

If you are:
(a) Going through a career transition and are looking for new opportunities
(b) Feeling stuck on a misaligned path and it is time for a career change...✔️then I'm your gal!

Kaylee’s credentials include a life coaching certificate from Erickson Coaching International, a Bachelor of Commerce with a minor in Psychology from UBC’s Sauder School of Business, and 5+ years of corporate Human Resources and Recruitment experience. Throughout her career she has coached thousands of employees and leaders through change management, job amplification, and recruitment related tactics.

Specializing in everything from resume and cover letter writing to defining direction, overcome career dissatisfaction and build a life you love with Kaylee Houde!

Job Search Tactics | Interview Preparation | LinkedIn | Networking | Personal Branding | Goal Setting | Confidence Boosting | Defining Direction

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