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Best blackjack card counting sessions based in Vegas. I will help you to learn a skill you will benefit for life and potentially win millions of dollars. You may think I am exaggerating - but I am not.

I have been a professional BJ card counter for more than 8 years and have profited a lot from it. I have also trained more than 50 counters and some of them makes a living out of it, one of them have already made 1.2 million dollars.

I'll also teach you exclusive tips (you can't find them online) such as the best casinos to play in Vegas and other places, the best time to play, camouflage etc. Free consultation via text is also provided for my students.

Serious inquiries only (Anyone who tells you that you will be guaranteed to win is a scam. The only thing guaranteed is long-term edge over the casino, which does not apply to any single playing sessions).

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