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Hazel is a pickup & dating skills coach currently active in Toronto. He is good friends with and has studied directly with several professional pickup & dating coaches including Mystery, Discovery, Colgate, Sebastian Gold, and Joe Ducard. Hazel coaches men in-class, in-field, and online, on day game and night game.

Hazel writes - 'Years I was living the total Average Frustrated Chump lifestyle, with no skills, no selection, and a unsatisfied look on my face too often. Through professional training under incredibly skilled pickup coaches and a ton of studying and action, I now regularly experience the pleasures of constant sexual abundance (AKA having more amazing beautiful women in my life than I have time for), and the skills to keep it that way.'

Hazel believe that all people have a birthright to a life of abundance, love, and happiness. There is always room in the world for more high-value people who are looking to take control of their life seize their birthright.

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