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David Jefferson obtained his Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Music through a dual-degree program on behalf of Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Music in 2010. Looking to further his education and gain new skills, Jefferson returned in 2011 for his Master’s of Music at the University of Nebraska at Omaha graduating in 2013 at age 26.

David has played piano for 22+ years, has 5+ years experience shadowing, teaching privately, and in group, over 10 years experience composing, over 10 years with music transcription, over 19 years competing in performance and composition competitions, over 7 years scoring and arranging, and over 3 years with online course design for music theory, bodily awareness, and piano technique. Jefferson, an Omaha native, has received numerous awards at the state, local, regional, and national levels for piano performance and music composition, a 2013 MTNA national finalist and state representative, and taken part in a wide variety of musical ensembles with piano and percussion.

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