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Do You Ask Yourself…

• How do I make my business grow?
• Am I doing the right things?
• Do I work too hard?
• Should I change direction?
• How can I attract new customers?
• Should I try new ideas?
• How do I start a business?
• Should I pursue another career?
• Where do I start, is the time right?
• Is it too risky to follow my dreams?

So many thoughts! I know.
I can help with your personal or business goals, or both, as they’re likely connected.

Whether you own a business and want it to grow, or want to start a business – no dream is too big or small. And if you don’t have a dream it’s ok too, we can find one together!

Working in a relaxed and focused environment, I can provide the tools, support, clarity and confidence you need to grow. Coaching is fun and can open a wonderful door to who you are and where you want to be. The result?

Live well, feel good, do what you love, make a living and make a change, while being efficient and stress-free.

In the last 5 years, in addition to promoting my own career and dreams (while raising my income significantly), I’ve helped many people pursue their passions and ideas. Among them are musicians, dancers, actors, writers, fitness centers, IT professionals, graphic designers, business owners and more.

Here are some reviews:

Peter Traunmueller
“Assaf is a great coach with a lot of practical wisdom in many different areas.”

Myriam Phiro
“Has helped me find my own path in various ways I didn’t think of. He has a very soothing energy and his expertise speaks volumes.”

Dror Kartash
“Tons of insights and ideas about business growth. Working with him have helped me to sharpen my company strategy focus, which have led to a significant improvement in most of our growth metrics. A true professional.”

FTR (Functional Training Revolution)
“Assaf has a unique approach to develop a business, he is smart, experienced, creative, very personal and pleasant to work with and he is highly recommended!”

Alla Eder
“Assaf helped me change the course of my career. I became more confident and comfortable to pursue my dream job. His vision helped me grow professionally and ultimately take my career to the next level.”

Dominique Gagne
“I met Assaf a few weeks ago and already he has helped me see things in a new light. I look forward to continuing the journey with him.”


No reviews provided.

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March 2017
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