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I have taught piano privately for 5 years, and in group classes with a non-profit organization in the United States. I have spent years refining an accessible piano curriculum for all ages, beginner to advanced. I applied several years of instruction by many great pianists and outstanding resources, many of the same ones I grew up with from my old teachers, into the formulation of an accessible format that is not only thorough, but fun!

I have received my Bachelor’s from Case Western Reserve University, at the Cleveland Institute of Music in Piano Performance and Chemistry in 2010, returning for my Master’s awarded in 2013 at the University of Nebraska at Omaha at age 26.

In the new accelerated courses you can plan to master all of the following:

1. Introduction to the Keys, and Notes
2. Steps, Staff, Slurs, and middle-C... Oh my!
3. Articulations, More Notes, Rests, Chords Intro
4. Intro to Accidentals, Rhythm Tapping, Hand Position Practice on G
5. -Entry Quiz 1-
6. Tempo, Dynamics, Counting Accents with Notes Between the Staves
7. Dots, Dynamics, and Dampener Pedaling CGF through the -8va
8. How to Practice, Introduction to Interval Studies
9. Intro to Major and Minor Triads, Rhythm Tapping
10. -Entry Quiz 2-
11. How to Play and Find Every Major Scale
12. Triads, Chords of the Major and Minor Scales
13. Writing-Reading Intervals, Playing-Naming Intervals
14. Finding Key Signatures, and Order of #’s/b’s with the Circle of Fifths/Fourths
15. -Entry Quiz 3-
16. Eleanor and David’s Impossible Finger Exercises
17. Finding and Playing Minor Scales
18. Intro to Piano Technique, Playing Triplets and Arpeggios
19. The Chromatic Scale, Final Pieces
20. Music Dictionary Review, Entry to Classical Works

Opportunities to perform and additional classical works will be provided.


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