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Love is what you are ❤ all life stories are like costumes, they can all be removed!

Karmic Readings are a unique look into the askashic records of your souls history. The root cause of the karmic disturbances in your life are revealed, which provides cellular healing, releasing you from the past and assisting you to live a life of Joy aligned with your true Souls purpose.

Oracle Readings and Spiritual Counselling sessions give insight into live situations and provide answers to your specific questions that will give you the insight to understand the spiritual purpose of the circumstance and how to make the best choices and discover the deepest healing available through the circumstance.

Your body and cells hold memories in the form of impression or stories and also as objects related to those stories. When the objects are removed or extracted then the story is also released in the name of love and your life force energy and new life perspectives awakened and renewed. An example of a Karmic object is, a shield from a warrior that now keeps him or her shielding from life and love or memento from a lost beloved that keeps one in a waiting pattern and unable to fully open to love.

Everybody has a story, in fact every personality is a compilation of stories ! We take incarnation to discover and overcome the binding effects our karmic stories have on the evolution of our soul path, to glean wisdom from the story and leave the fear behind, and learn how to Choose Love, harmony, inner fulfillment, and oneness with our Sublime Nature.

And if the truth be known all stories are love stories, love found, love lost, love being sought , love being resisted, each story trying to find its way home to the greater love that is our true nature. Some stories are resolved and send us forward in an integrated and positive way and other include circumstances unresolved, which prevent us from thriving and create life experiences that flow in repetitive cycles of experiences echoing the initial wound.

The “stories” that comprise your personality are a collection of your Soul history, personal and ancestral biographies, (comprised of the impressions and experiences encountered in current and past lives,) genealogy, social and historical experiences of love and fear, cultural habits, moods of countries, languages, histories of humanity, and beyond including all of the archetypes of the collective consciousness of humanity.

When encounters with life are left unresolved they create an imprint of fear that becomes a filter we perceive live through. This fear may present it self in any of the limiting emotions, anger, rage, attachment, sorrow, greed, lack of contentment, hatred, jealousy, fear, anxiety, depression, phobias, self worth issues, suspicion , etc.


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March 2017
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