Why Become a Cerbo?
Cerbos have valuable knowledge and want to share it with the world -- it's as simple as that.

Save Resources

  • Spending too much time looking for followers on social media and wasting tons of money in ads that rarely get you new customers? Let those who actually need your expertise find their way to you.

Earn Money

  • Have you spent years working hard on developing your skills only to hide them from the world or make others rich? It's time for you to monetize your spare knowledge and turn it into a living.

Work Autonomously

  • Eager to make your own rules and create your own schedule?
  • Enjoy work flexibility and become the master of your own fate.

Discover Your Potential

  • Got a unique ability that isn't taken seriously in traditional educational systems, although it is highly valuable in real-life situations? Turn your talent into a living and unleash your potential.

Meet People

  • Got enough free time and a lot of experience? Sharing your knowledge can be fun! Make new connections and meet interesting people with similar interests.

Why Cerbo?

Cerbo means "brain" in Esperanto, a language created to break down communication barriers and build connections among people from various linguistic backgrounds. It represents an expert who wants to share their knowledge and connect with people from different cultures.
"At Cerbo you don't teach your skills through generalized videos - it's all about connecting in real time and helping others with their personal struggles, no matter where they are. It makes you realize you can have more impact in the world than you think."
Rachel Yap, Cerbo Instructor

How It Works


Create a profile

Let the world know who you are, what you do, and when you're available for your sessions.

Create a course

Set up your fees and create live courses within minutes.

Show us you've got it!

Show us you know your stuff! Feel free to get creative here. For more information and ideas on what to send us, click here.

Earn money

Earn extra income by sharing your skills with those who need them.

Join our community

Take advantage of our global community and leave the hassle of promoting your courses to us.

Optimize Your Profile And Benefit From Our Work!

Get honest reviews from clients and grow your reputation.
Create and manage your own discounts.
The hassle of promoting your courses is on us.
Students book sessions with only 5 clicks.
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One-on-One Sessions

It cannot get any more personal.
Use your web browser.
No software download required.
No more adding strangers on Skype.
Payment support in 135+ currencies.
Payouts go right to your bank account.
Users can review their notes and download materials from any previous session.
Cancellation policies that avoid embarrassing conversations about no-shows or tardiness.

Group Sessions

Multiply the fun and your earnings!
The best parts of a real-world classroom in a unique digital environment.
More students means higher earnings per hour.
Focus on your lessons, not on administrative tasks.
Message some or all of your students in an instant. No more mailing lists!
Your feedback will help us define the future of digital group learning.

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