quote-icon.svg The lure of getting your business online is strong - more students, easier scheduling, and being able to run more classes, maybe even growing your business. All with more freedom for you because it’s online! But understandably you’ve held back - the indecision is real! Do you pay a developer to create a system for your website? And then hire an assistant to manage all the scheduling, get the new students familiar with the online platform and more? Or do you hack together a solution using a messy combination of Skype / Zoom, Calendly, Paypal / Stripe or even Square and hope it works? All the while praying that your students have a good experience on their end and that your school’s reputation stays intact? Until now these have been the only options for schools that teach lessons online.

Getting up and running online in 2020 should be easy!

is a solution designed for schools to easily teach lessons online and run their businesses without the extra hassle of technology.
No need to hack together a solution out of many different apps or pay big bucks for a custom-made solution with hidden costs and extra work.

Complete support for your online school


Easy Scheduling

For everyone- students and teachers. Your students will love how easy you made it for them to get started and stay organized!


Real-Feel Classroom Environment

Group Live-Chat Lessons. Students can enjoy the motivation and inspiration of interacting with other students.


Only one student?

That works too!
Cerbo easily accommodates your growing classes


Easy Scheduling

For everyone- students and teachers. Your students will love how easy you made it for them to get started and stay organized!


Hassle-Free Payments

Payments are easy for everyone.
No invoicing for you. No jumping through hoops for your students.
Cerbo takes care of invoicing and payments; leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Here’s how we help you to get online

partners with your school providing the expertise and software that lets your business run smoothly online. We’ve made sure it’s easy for you to get set-up. Here’s what you get...


Attractive custom landing page and domain

We build a custom landing page that integrates with your website, so it’s easy for your students to get online through your site.


Simple automated systems for your school

Helping students understand and use the platform, class scheduling, and payments are easy with Cerbo.
Organizing and growing your business becomes simple!


You're in control

Avoid juggling numerous platforms that can change their policies, services, and fees at the drop of a hat.
Cerbo’s easy system keeps your school’s identity, your teachers, and your courses all in one place and easy for you to manage.

"A great combination of both worlds;
face-to-face contact and digital possibilties"

There is nothing like . We’re excited to launch. If you’re excited about making moves to accelerate your school in 2020, let’s connect! If you’d like to hear more about how we can help you get online easily and hear client success stories, let us know your name and email address below.

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I’m definitely interested in taking my business online.
2020 here we come!