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What’s Cerbo?

Cerbo is a peer-to-peer platform connecting experts of any kind with people who want to learn life skills. We give experts the opportunity to share their knowledge through online video calls in either one-on-one or small group sessions.

Unlike video platforms that make the learning experience general and boring, Cerbo allows you to interact with an expert, receive personal feedback, and learn a specific skill you actually care about.

Whether you want to speak Spanish, play the guitar, cook Thai food, handle your personal finances, or even put your broken heart back together, we can connect you with an expert that will meet your needs.


Why Cerbo?

Cerbo means “brain” in Esperanto, a language created to break down communication barriers and build connections among people from various linguistic backgrounds. It represents an expert who wants to share their knowledge and connect with people from different cultures.


Who can become a Cerbo?

You don’t have to be a PhD or senior manager to become a Cerbo (although PhDs and managers make great Cerbos as well :)). All you need is expertise. Becoming a Cerbo is simple, and the requirements vary depending on the skill you want to teach (click here for more information). There are many ways for you to show that you’ve got what it takes to become a Cerbo, from a degree or work experience to a blog or portfolio. We don’t want this process to be boring or bureaucratic, as we believe the final word should come from those you teach – that’s the beauty of having a community of experts and learners from all over the world.


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